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Powerful Backup. Ultimate Recovery.

Whether simply saving data or creating complex backup routines, this package of useful tools covers all your needs. The Home Edition quickly backs up your files and folders, operating system or even your entire hard disk to any storage you choose.
Backup & Recovery 12 Home ensures that your system and valuable data are protected - and can be restored in case of any disaster!

Full Windows 8 support!

Full Product

33,57 USD

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Centralized backup and disaster recovery for virtual and physical environments

- Upgrade Assurance and Extended Support 1 Year
- Boot Media Builder
- Adaptive Restore

Paragon Protect & Restore’s reliable backup and seamless restore capabilities help eliminate business continuity and compliance risks, while requiring only minimum system resources and IT personnel interaction, due to its distributed infrastructure and easy-to-use management console.

  • Agentless backup/replication of vSphere guests
  • Agent-based backup of physical machines
  • Support of nCDP and smart increments
  • Agentless restore of VMs and non-system volumes
  • On-site bare-metal restore of physical machines
  • Support of MS VSS, VMware CBT, Paragon VHD 


Don’t pay twice!

Using a hybrid IT-infrastructure with a combination of virtual and physical servers and workstations, you do not have to pay twice for a reliable, flexible and easy to implement disaster recovery strategy. Paragon Protect & Restore supports both worlds and unites them for you in one management environment. From there, you can initiate, plan, control and report all kinds of backup, replication and recovery activities.

A task force for your business continuity

Paragon Protect & Restore uses a distributed architecture to install its components exactly where they are needed. Short ways between your machines and a backup storage ensure less network traffic. Simultaneous administration from several Protect & Restore Consoles adds flexibility to the management and monitoring of all backup and replication activities.

Flexible Restore - high availability

No matter if a physical machine crashes or a vSphere server has a problem. Just restore your virtual machine to a different location, move it to a second ESX datastore or restore your physical machine on a different hardware. You name it - Paragon Protect & Restore can do it. Benefit from the most flexible restore capabilities Paragon ever offered.

Replication – the virtual way of cloning

Replicas of your virtual machines provide the state-of-the-art method of instant disaster recovery. Just boot your replica after a crash of the original machine and restore services on your network faster than ever before. Paragon Protect & Restore creates replicas according to your disaster recovery policies and stores them directly on your ESX. Minimize downtime and maximize your system security.

Professional expertise counts

Paragon’s close to 20 years of experience in the area of backup and disaster recovery, as well as imaging and virtualization guarantee a very deep knowledge of how to protect your data and operating systems, be it in a virtual or a physical environment.

More Unique Things You Should Know About Protect & Restore

  • Archiving to Second-Tier Storage – With Paragon’s approach to second-tier storage, we offer a unique option. We do not load ESX hosts twice when doing dual backup or parallel backup. We do it only once, as archiving is carried out by using already existing backup data only.
  • Paragon ProTran is a unique data transport protocol which boosts performance of backup/replication operations over WAN and LAN by as much as 300%
  • Proven UFSD technology allows Paragon to be aware of what type of data resides inside of backup images and to have fast access to virtual and physical hard drives
  • Paragon GoForSure offers a more flexible and efficient validation of backup and replica policies by checking the availability of all addressed network resources.
  • pVHD (Paragon Virtual Hard Drive) format is a special VHD, optimized for storing backups of virtual and physical machines, including compression and encryption. Backups are comparatively smaller, provide a higher file security and can be converted back to the standard VHD if needed.
  • Paragon ITE (Image Transfer Engine) helps out if VMware’s CBT (Changed Block Tracking) does not work properly. By doing so, it can still protect virtual machines agentlessly in case VMware CBT is not available or fails.


For Protect & Restore, Paragon offers a very attractive licensing and pricing, including one year of Paragon Extended Support and Upgrade Assurance.

Full Product

57,98 EUR



9,66 EUR


Powerful system backup & restore software, support incremental backup, affordable solution for system backup, disaster recovery and data protection.

Wizard interface and simple to use

Full Product

29,95 USD


Top Reliable Server Backup Solution for SMBs

- Business Price Leader - cost only 50% of the price of competitors.

- Fast and Time-saving - one click system backup & restore to simplify IT admin routine.

- Reliable and Secure - back up business crucial data to ensure your business continuity, minimize server downtime and improve productivity.

System support: Windows Server 2003, 2008, 2012, SBS 2003, 2008, 2011, Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP
Language support: English, Deutsch, Español, Français, Italiano & 日本語

Full Product

199,00 USD


Reliable image backup and recovery of your entire system – email, music, photos, videos, documents, personal settings, bookmarks, and all your applications.

Full System Disk Imaging

True Image for PC works with both local and cloud backup. It saves your entire system, single files, and can bring you back in time. Anytime.

Choose where, when, and how to back up. Use external drives, cloud backup, or any NAS devices. Set your own backup schedule to save changes constantly as you work. Restore in a snap, or even move your entire system to and from any PC.

It doesn’t matter which PC you use, or how you use it. We protect what’s inside.

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