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MarkzTools is an InDesign plugin which allows users of InDesign CS6, CS5.5 or CS5 to open and modify documents created in a newer version of InDesign including CC and CC 2014. This InDesign plugin is an affordable method for you to work with Creative Cloud documents without the need for a Creative Cloud Subscription.

Full Product

149,00 EUR

InDesign Plugin

Manage print quality control

- Preflights Acrobat PDF and non-PDF files

- Preflights print jobs in one session

- Preflights a wide range of print files

- Maximizes printing operations capacity

- Saves money by eliminating re-prints

- Native applications are not required

- Categories of potential problems

- Customizable rule sets to check files

- Collects and packages fonts and images

- Scans, reports and collects the entire job

- Support for third-party font applications

- Supports QuarkXPress 9 and InDesign CS6

Full Product

399,00 EUR

QuarkXPress XTension

Convert PDF to Adobe InDesign CS5, CS5.5, or CS6.

- Use one-click conversion to quickly and simply convert PDFs

- Convert one or more pages at a time

- Preserve intellectual property

- Edit PDF text in a familiar, efficient page layout program

- Eliminate time spent re-creating content

- Get swift return on investment Install easily and fast

Full Product

199,00 EUR

QuarkXPress XTension

Migrate Microsoft Publisher content to Adobe InDesign as new InDesign documents
- Supports Adobe InDesign CS6
- Converts MS Publisher 2002 – 2010
- Installs easily
- Quick & simple to use
- Provides swift return on investment
- Preserves intellectual property investment
- Enables easy data migration
- Eliminates time re-creating content
- Reduces costs re-creating content
- Allows you to choose an authoring system

Full Product

199,00 EUR

InDesign Plugin

Convert QuarkXPress content into a new Adobe InDesign document.

Includes the intricate details of all objects of the document such as exact page positioning, color models, fonts and styles, images, as well as precise text attributes.

Important items such as Tables, Layers, Blends, Runarounds, Linked Text boxes and Anchored boxes, Pantone colors and other color models are instantly re-created within InDesign. Conversion is enabled with a single click using InDesign's File->Open menu. The unequaled performance and accuracy of this award-winning conversion technology saves countless hours of scanning or re-keying and formatting legacy documents.

Q2ID can convert QuarkXPress documents created on either the Microsoft Windows or Apple Macintosh OS, into Macintosh Adobe InDesign.

Supported Applications:

• Converts QuarkXPress v3.x, v4.x, v5.x, v6.x, v7.x, v8.x and v9.x files

Full Product

199,00 EUR

InDesign Plugin

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