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A library of objects enabling the design of installations of any type: HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning), piping, ducting, plumbing, gas, medical, fire-safety and refrigeration installations as well as other kinds of technological installations for building construction and industry applications.

Functions such as the design of plans and diagrams, isometric views, plans, and cross-sections, allow the user to employ a single software solution in designing a complex project.

- Designing all types of complex installations.

- Facilitating the drawing of plans, cross-sections, diagrams and isometric views.

- Automatic drawing of pipe and ventilation ducts.

- Automatic joining of ducts and pipes with any selected form parts.

- Calculating the lengh of wires and the surface of ventilation ducts.

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Flat sheet development software - 100's of common shapes included

This powerful Sheet Metal Development software - unfolds a wide range of the steel plate and sheetmetal shapes commonly used in the sheetmetal, ducting, piping and steel fabrication industries. It is both fast and easy to use.

Ease of use and the comprehensive range of shapes and patterns offers flexibility and simplicity which saves the user time and money. It also reduces the possibility of mistakes and the subsequent loss of time, materials and money.Version 4 provides many additional features while maintaining the program's original simplicity for the basic user.

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CAD Engineering Software

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